The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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188 Adverse Conditions a Benefit to the Eyes
mal sight soon becomes able to do so without any loss of vision; but persons with imperfect sight usually find it impossible to accustom themselves to such a strong light until their vision has been improved by other means. One has to be very careful in recommending sun-gazing to persons with imperfect sight; because although no per manent harm can result from it, great temporary dis comfort may be produced, with no permanent benefit. In some rare cases, however, complete cures have been ef fected by this means alone.
In one of these cases, the sensitiveness of the patient, even to ordinary daylight, was so great that an eminent specialist had felt justified in putting a black bandage over one eye and covering the other with a smoked glass so dark as to be nearly opaque. She was kept in this condition of almost total blindness for two years without any improvement. Other treatment extending over some months also failed to produce satisfactory results. She was then advised to look directly at the sun. The im mediate result was total blindness, which lasted several hours; but next day the vision was not only restored to its former condition, but was improved. The sun-gazing was repeated, and each time the blindness lasted for a shorter period. At the end of a week the patient was able to look directly at the sun without discomfort, and her vision, which had been 20/200 without glasses and 20/70 with them, had improved to 20/10, twice the ac cepted standard for normal vision.
Patients of this class have also been greatly benefited by focussing the rays of the sun directly upon their eyes, marked relief being often obtained in a few minutes.
Like the sun, a strong electric light may also lower the vision temporarily, but never does any permanent harm.