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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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Pain of Operation Prevented           203
tween the nails of the thumb and first finger, and no pain will be felt. At the same time the sense of touch becomes more acute. The senses of taste, smell and hearing are also improved, while the efficiency of the mind is in creased. The ability to distinguish different temperatures is increased, but one does not suffer from heat or cold. Organic conditions may not be changed; but all of the functional symptoms, such as fever, weakness, and shock, which these conditions cause, are relieved. Patients who have learned to remember black under all circumstances no longer dread to visit the dentist. When they remem ber a period the drill causes them no pain, and they are not annoyed even by the extraction of teeth. It is pos sible to perform surgical operations without anaesthetics when the patient is able to remember black perfectly. The following are only a few of many equally striking cases which might be given of the relief or prevention of pain by this means:
A patient suffered from ulceration of the eyeball, oc curring at different times and resulting in the formation of holes through which the fluids in the interior escaped. These openings had to be closed by surgical operations. At first these operations were performed under the in fluence of cocaine; but the progressive disease of the eye caused so much congestion that complete anaesthesia was no longer attainable by the use of this drug, and ether and chloroform were employed. As so many operations were needed, it became desirable to get along, if possible, without anaesthetics, and the patient's success in reliev ing pain by the memory of black suggested that she might also be able to prevent the pain of operations in the same way. Her ability to do this was tested by touching her eyeball lightly with a blunt probe. At first she forgot the