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No Pain in Dentist's Chair            205
suffering no pain, but, what was more remarkable, feeling no pain or soreness afterward. The patient stated that if she had been operated upon by a stranger she would probably have been so nervous that she would not have been able to remember the black; but later she was treated by a strange dentist, who made two extractions and did some other work, all without causing her any discomfort, because she was able to remember the period perfectly.
A man who had been extremely nervous in the dentist's chair, and had had four extractions made under gas, sur prised his dentist, after having learned the effect of the memory of a period in relieving pain, by having a tooth extracted without cocaine, gas, or chloroform. The den tist complimented him on his nerve and looked incredu lous when the patient said he had felt no pain at all. In a second case, that of a woman, the dentist removed the nerve from three teeth without causing the patient any pain.
A boy of fourteen came to the eye clinic of the Harlem Hospital, New York, with a foreign body deeply em bedded in his cornea. It caused him much pain, and his mother stated that a number of physicians had been un able to remove it, because the child was so nervous that he could not keep still long enough, although cocaine had been used quite freely. The boy was told to look at a black object, close and cover his eyes, and think of the black object until he saw black. He was soon able to do this, and the pain in his eye was relieved. He was next taught to remember the black with his eyes open. The foreign body was then removed from the cornea. The operation was one of much difficulty and required considerable time, but the boy felt no pain. While it was