The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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208 _______The Relief of Pain______________
To prevent a relapse, the patient was advised to palm six times a day or oftener. The pain did not return, and she came to the clinic some weeks later to express her gratitude.
Not only does the memory of perfect sight relieve pain and the symptoms of disease, but in some cases it pro duces manifest relief of the causes of these symptoms. Coughs, colds, hay fever, rheumatism and glaucoma are among the conditions that have been relieved in this way.
A patient under treatment for imperfect sight from a high degree of mixed astigmatism one day came to the office with a severe cold. She coughed continually, and there was a profuse discharge from both eyes and nose. There was some fever, with a severe pain in the eyes and head, and the patient was unable to breathe through her nose because of the inflammatory swelling. Palming was successful in half an hour, when the pain and dis charge ceased, the nose opened, and the breathing and temperature became normal. The benefit was perma nent-a very unusual thing after one treatment.
A boy of four with whooping-cough was always re lieved by covering his eyes and remembering black. The relapses became less frequent, and in a few weeks he had completely recovered.
A man who suffered every summer from attacks of hay fever, beginning in June and lasting throughout the sea son was completely relieved by palming for half an hour; and after three years there had been no relapse.
A man of sixty-five who had been under treatment for rheumatism for six months without improvement ob tained temporary relief by palming, and by the time his vision had become normal the relief of the rheumatism was complete.