The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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The Power of Thought                209
In many cases of glaucoma not only the pain, but the tension which is often associated with the pain, has been completely relieved by palming. In some cases perma nent relief of the tension has followed one treatment. In others many treatments have been required.
Why the memory of black should have this effect can not be fully explained, just as the action of many drugs cannot be explained; but it is evident that the body must be less susceptible to disturbances of all kinds when the mind is under control, and only when the mind is un der control can black be remembered perfectly. That pain can be produced in any part of the body by the action of the mind is not a new observation; and if the mind can produce pain, it is not surprising that it should also be able to relieve pain and the conditions which produce it. This, doubtless, is the explanation of some of the remark able cures reported by Faith Curists and Christian Scientists. Whatever the explanation, however, the facts have been attested by numerous proofs, and are of the greatest practical value.
With a little training, anyone with good sight can be taught to remember black perfectly with the eyes closed and covered, and with a little more training anyone can learn to do it with the eyes open. When one is suffer ing extreme pain, however, the control of the memory may be difficult, and the assistance of someone who un derstands the method may be necessary. With such assistance it is seldom or never impossible.