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218         Presbyopia: Its Cause and Cure
in fact, been temporarily cured by the use of my imagina tion. Later I found that when I imagined the letters black I was able to see them black, and when I saw them black I was able to distinguish their form. My progress after this was not what could be called rapid. It was six months before I could read the newspapers with any kind of comfort, and a year before I obtained my present accommodative range of fourteen inches, from four inches to eighteen; but the experience was extremely valuable, for I had in pronounced form every symptom subse quently observed in other presbyopic patients.
Fortunately for the patients, it has seldom taken me as long to cure other people as it did to cure myself. In some cases a complete and permanent cure was effected in a few minutes. Why, I do not know. I will never be satisfied till I find out. A patient who had worn glasses for presbyopia for about twenty years was cured in less than fifteen minutes by the use of his imagination.
When asked to read diamond type, he said he could not do so, because the letters were grey and looked all alike. I reminded him that the type was printer's ink and that there was nothing blacker than printer's ink. I asked him if he had ever seen printer's ink. He replied that he had. Did he remember how black it was? Yes. Did he believe that these letters were as black as the ink he re membered? He did, and then he read the letters; and be cause the improvement in his vision was permanent, he said that I had hypnotized him.
In another case a presbyope of ten years' standing was cured just as quickly by the same method. When re minded that the letters which he could not read were black, he replied that he knew they were black, but that they looked grey.