The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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T HE evidence is conclusive that squint and amblyopia, like errors of refraction, are purely functional troubles; and since they are always relieved by the relief of the strain with which they are associated, it follows that any of the methods which promote relaxation and central fixation may be employed for their cure. As in the case of errors of refraction, the squint disappears and the amblyopia is corrected just as soon as the patient gains sufficient mental control to remember a perfectly black period. In this way both conditions can be temporarily relieved in a few seconds, their permanent cure being a mere matter of making this temporary state permanent.
One of the best ways of gaining mental control in cases of squint is to learn how to increase the squint, or produce other kinds of squint, voluntarily. In the case illustrated, the patient had divergent vertical squint in both eyes. When the left eye was straight the right eye turned out and up, and when the right eye was straight the left eye turned down and out. Both eyes were amblyopic and there was double vision, with the images sometimes on the same side and sometimes on opposite sides. The patient suffered from headaches, and having obtained no relief from glasses, or other methods of treatment, she made up her mind to an oper ation and consulted Dr. Gudmund J. Gislason, of Grand Forks, N. D., with a view to having one performed. Dr. Gislason, puzzled to find so many muscles apparently