The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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Cured in Three Weeks                231
was advised to continue the treatment at home to pre vent a relapse, and at the end of three years none had occurred. During the treatment at the office and practice at home the good eye was covered with an opaque screen, but this was not worn at other times.
A very remarkable case was that of a girl of fourteen who had squinted from childhood. The internal rectus of the right eye had been cut when she was two years old, but still pulled the eye inward. The patient objected to wearing a ground glass over her good eye, because her friends teased her about it and she thought it made her more conspicuous than the squint. One day she lost her glasses in the snow; but her father, who was a man of strong character, immediately provided another pair. Then she announced that she was ill, and couldn't go to school. I told the father that his daughter was hysteri cal, and simply imagined she was ill to avoid treatment. He insisted that she continue, and as she did not consider herself well enough to come to see me, I called upon her. With the assistance of her father she was made to under stand that she would have to continue the treatment until she was cured, and she at once went to work with such energy and intelligence that in half an hour the vi sion of the squinting and amblyopic eye had improved from 3/200 to 20/30. She also became able to read fine print at twelve inches. She went back to school wearing the ground glass over the good eye; but whenever she wanted to see she looked over the top of it. Her father followed her to school, and insisted that she use the poorer eye instead of the better one. She became con vinced that the simplest way out of her troubles would be to follow my instructions, and in less than a week the squint was corrected and she had perfect vision in both