The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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234 Squint and Amblyopia: Their Cure
the left eye turned in and became amblyopic. The right eye was then covered, and after a few weeks of eye edu cation the left became normal. The right eye then turned in and the vision became defective. It was necessary to educate the eyes alternately, for about a year, before both became normal at the same time. This patient had con genital paralysis of the external rectus muscle in both eyes, a condition which was apparently not relieved when the squint and amblyopia were cured.
In the following case the patient had an attack of in fantile paralysis after her cure, resulting in a relapse, with new and more serious developments, which were, how ever quickly cured. The patient, a girl of six, seen first on December 11, 1914, had had divergent squint of the left eye for three years, and had worn glasses for two years without benefit-convex 2.50 D. S. for the right eye, and convex 6.00 D. S. combined with convex 1.00 D. C, axis 90, for the left. The vision of the right eye with glasses was 12/15 and of the left 12/200. Atropine was prescribed for the right eye for the purpose of partially blinding it and thus encouraging a more nearly proper use of the squinting eye, and the usual methods of secur ing relaxation, such as shifting, palming, the exercise of the memory, etc., were used. On January 13, 1915, the vision without glasses had improved to 10/70 for the right eye, and 10/50 for the left. On February 6, the vision of the right eye was 10/40 and of the left 10/30. The eyes were apparently straight, and scientific tests showed that both were used at the same time (binocular single vi sion). On April 17, after about four months' treatment, the vision of the left eye was normal, and there was bi nocular single vision at six inches. On May 1 the vision of the left eye was still normal, and whereas at the be-