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254                 Prevention of Myopia
"It is a significant, though discouraging, fact," he con tinues, "that the increase, as found by Cohn, both in the percentage and in the degree of myopia, had taken place in those schools where he had especially exerted himself to secure the introduction of hygienic reforms; and the
Fig. 56. Face-Rest Designed by Kallmann, a German
Cohn never allowed his children to write without it, even when sitting at the best possible desk.
same is true of the observations of Just, who had exam ined the eyes of twelve hundred and twenty-nine of the pupils of the two high schools of Zittau, in both of which the hygienic conditions were all that could be desired. He found, nevertheless, that the excellent arrangements had not in any degree lessened the percentage of increase in myopia."1
1 School Hygiene, System of Diseases of the Eye. vol. ii, p. 361.