The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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264                 Prevention of Myopia
the other grades. Many of them were backward in their studies. Some were persistent truants. All of them had defective eyesight. A Snellen test card was hung in the classroom where all the children could see it, and the teacher carried out my instructions literally. At the end of six months all but two had been cured, and these had improved very much, while the worst incorrigible and the worst truant had become good students. The incorrigi ble, who had previously refused to study, because, he said, it gave him a headache to look at a book, or at the blackboard, found out that the test card, in some way, did him a lot of good; and although the teacher had asked him to read it but once a day, he read it whenever he felt uncomfortable. The result was that in a few weeks his vision had become normal and his objection to study had disappeared. The truant had been in the habit of re maining away from school two or three days every week, and neither his parents nor the truant officer had been able to do anything about it. To the great surprise of his teacher he never missed a day after having begun to read the Snellen test card. When she asked for an ex planation, he told her that what had driven him away from school was the pain that came in his eyes whenever he tried to study, or to read the writing on the black board. After reading the Snellen test card, he said, his eyes and head were rested and he was able to read with out any discomfort.
To remove any doubts that might arise as to the cause of the improvement noted in the eyesight of the children, comparative tests were made with and without cards. In one case six pupils with defective sight were examined daily for one week without the use of the test card. No improvement took place. The card was then restored to its place, and the group was instructed to read it every