The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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How to Use the Card                269
with the palm of the hand in such a way as to avoid pressure on the eyeball. This takes no appreciable amount of time and is sufficient to improve the sight of all children in one week and to cure all errors of re fraction after some months, a year, or longer.
Children with markedly defective vision should be en couraged to read the card more frequently. Children wearing glasses should not be interfered with, as they are supposed to be under the care of a physician, and the practice will do them little or no good while the glasses are worn.
While not essential, it is a great advantage to have records made of the vision of each pupil at the time when the method is introduced, and thereafter at con venient intervals-annually or more frequently. This may be done by the teacher.
The records should include the name and age of the pupils, the vision of each eye tested at twenty feet, and the date. For example:
John Smith, 10, Sept. 15, 1919
R. V. (vision of the right eye) 20/40 L. V. (vision of the left eye) 20/20
John Smith, 11, January 1, 1920 R. V. 20/30 L. V. 20/15
A certain amount of supervision is absolutely neces sary. At least once a year some one who understands the method should visit each classroom for the purpose of answering questions, encouraging the teachers to con tinue the use of the method, and making some kind of a report to the proper authorities. It is not necessary that either the supervisor, the teachers, or the children should understand anything about the physiology of the eye.