The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
Without Glasses - online book

The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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T HE efficacy of the method of treating imperfect sight without glasses presented in this book has been demonstrated in thousand of cases, not only in my own practice but in that of many persons of whom I may not even have heard; for almost all patients, when they are cured, proceed to cure others. At a social gathering one evening a lady told me that she had met a number of my patients; but when she mentioned their names I found that I did not remember any of them and said so.
"That is because you cured them by proxy," she said. "You didn't directly cure Mrs. Jones or Mrs. Brown, but you cured Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Smith cured the other ladies. You didn't treat Mr. and Mrs. Simpkins, or Mr. Simpkins' mother and brother, but you may remem ber that you cured Mr. Simpkins' boy of a squint, and he cured the rest of the family."
In schools where the Snellen test card was used to prevent and cure imperfect sight, the children, after they were cured themselves, often took to the practice of ophthalmology with the greatest enthusiasm and success, curing their fellow students, their parents and their friends. They made a kind of game of the treatment, and the progress of each school case was watched with the most intense interest by all the children. On a bright day, when the patients saw well, there was great re joicing, and on a dark day there was corresponding de pression. One girl cured twenty-six children in six months; another cured twelve in three months; a third