The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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272                  The Story of Emily
In the same classroom there had been a little girl with congenital cataract, but on the occasion of my visit the defect had disappeared. This, too, it appeared, was Emily's doing. The school doctor had said that there was no help for this eye except through operation, and as the sight of the other eye was pretty good, he for tunately did not think it necessary to urge such a course. Emily accordingly took the matter in hand. She had the patient stand close to the card, where, with the good eye covered, she was unable to see even the big C. Emily now held the card between the patient and the light, and moved it back and forth. At a distance of three or four feet this movement could be observed indistinctly by the patient. The card was then moved farther away, until the patient became able to see it move at ten feet and to see some of the larger letters indistinctly at a less dis tance. Finally, after six months, she became able to read the card with the bad eye as well as with the good one. After testing her sight and finding it normal in both eyes, I said to Emily:
"You are a splendid doctor. You beat them all. Have you done anything else?"
The child blushed, and turning to another of her class mates, said:
"Mamie, come here."
Mamie stepped forward and I looked at her eyes. There appeared to be nothing wrong with them.
"I cured her," said Emily.
"What of?" I inquired.
"Cross eyes," replied Emily.
"How?" I asked, with growing astonishment.
Emily described a procedure very similar to that adopted in the other cases. Finding that the sight of the crossed eye was very poor, so much so, indeed, that poor