The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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An Astonishing Record               273
Mamie could see practically nothing with it, the obvious course of action seemed to her to be the restoration of its sight; and, never having read any medical literature, she did not know that this was impossible. So she went to it. She had Mamie cover her good eye and practice the bad one at home and at school, until at last the sight became normal and the eye straight. The school doctor had wanted to have the eye operated upon, I was told, but, fortunately, Mamie was "scared" and would not consent. And here she was with two perfectly good, straight eyes.
"Anything else?" I inquired, when Mamie's case had been disposed of. Emily blushed again, and said:
"Here's Rose. Her eyes used to hurt her all the time, and she couldn't see anything on the blackboard. Her headaches used to be so bad that she had to stay away from school every once in a while. The doctor gave her glasses, but they didn't help her and she wouldn't wear them. When you told us the card would help our eyes I got busy with her. I had her read the card close up, and then I moved it farther away, and now she can see all right and her head doesn't ache any more. She comes to school every day, and we all thank you very much."
This was a case of compound hypermetropic astig matism.
Such stories might be multiplied indefinitely. Emily's astonishing record might not possibly be duplicated, but lesser cures by cured patients have been very numerous, and serve to show that the benefits of the method of pre venting and curing defects of vision in the schools which is presented in the foregoing chapter would be far-reaching. Not only errors of refraction would be cured, but many more serious defects; and not only the chil dren would be helped, but their families and friends also.