The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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P OOR sight is admitted to be one of the most fruit ful causes of retardation in the schools. It is esti mated1 that it may reasonably be held responsible for a quarter of the habitually "left-backs," and it is commonly assumed that all this might be prevented by suitable glasses.
There is much more involved in defective vision, how ever, than mere inability to see the blackboard or to use the eyes without pain or discomfort. Defective vision is the result of an abnormal condition of the mind, and when the mind is in an abnormal condition it is obvious that none of the processes of education can be conducted with advantage. By putting glasses upon a child we may, in some cases, neutralize the effect of this condi tion upon the eyes, and by making the patient more comfortable may improve his mental faculties to some extent; but we do not alter fundamentally the condition of the mind, and by confirming it in a bad habit we may make it worse.
It can easily be demonstrated that among the facul ties of the mind which are impaired when the vision is impaired is the memory; and as a large part of the edu cational process consists of storing the mind with facts, and all the other mental processes depend upon one's
1 School Health News, published by the Department of Health of New York City, February, 1919.