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Memory in Relation to Vision           275
knowledge of facts, it is easy to see how little is accom plished by merely putting glasses on a child that has "trouble with its eyes." The extraordinary memory of primitive people has been attributed to the fact that owing to the absence of any convenient means of mak ing written records they had to depend upon their mem ories, which were strengthened accordingly; but in view of the known facts about the relation of memory to eye sight it is more reasonable to suppose that the retentive memory of primitive man was due to the same cause as his keen vision, namely, a mind at rest.
The primitive memory, as well as primitive keenness of vision, has been found among civilized people; and if the necessary tests had been made it would doubtless have been found that they always occur together, as they did in a case which recently came under my observation. The subject was a child of ten with such marvelous eye sight that she could see the moons of Jupiter with the naked eye a fact which was demonstrated by her draw ing a diagram of these satellites which exactly corre sponded to the diagrams made by persons who had used a telescope. Her memory was equally remarkable. She could recite the whole content of a book after reading it, as Lord Macaulay is said to have done, and she learned more Latin in a few days without a teacher than her sister, who had six diopters of myopia, had been able to do in several years. She remembered five years after ward what she ate at a restaurant, she called the name of the waiter, the number of the building and the street in which it stood. She also remembered what she wore on this occasion and what every one else in the party wore. The same was true of every other event which had awakened her interest in any way, and it was a