The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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Central Fixation of the Mind           279
joke to surprise her teachers, who were always reproach ing her for her backwardness in mathematics, by taking a high mark in a coming examination, her interest in the subject awakened and she contrived to learn enough to get seventy-eight per cent. In Isabel's case letters were antagonistic. She was not interested in most of the sub jects with which they dealt, and therefore she was back ward in those subjects and had become habitually my opic. But when asked to look at objects which aroused an intense interest her vision became normal.
When one is not interested, in short, one's mind is not under control, and without mental control one can neither learn nor see. Not only the memory but all other men tal faculties are improved when the eyesight becomes normal. It is a common experience with patients cured of defective sight to find that their ability to do their work has improved.
The teacher whose letter is quoted in a later chapter testified that after gaining perfect eyesight she "knew better how to get at the minds of the pupils," was "more direct, more definite, less diffused, less vague," possessed, in fact, "central fixation of the mind." In another letter she said: "The better my eyesight becomes, the greater is my ambition. On the days when my sight is best I have the greatest anxiety to do things."
Another teacher reported that one of her pupils used to sit doing nothing all day long and apparently was not interested in anything. After the test card was intro duced into the classroom and his sight improved, he be came anxious to learn, and speedily developed into one of the best students in the class. In other words, his eyes and his mind became normal together.
A bookkeeper nearly seventy years of age who had