The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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280                     Mind and Vision
worn glasses for forty years found after he had gained perfect sight without glasses that he could work more rapidly and accurately and with less fatigue than ever in his life before. During busy seasons, or when short of help, he has worked for some weeks at a time from 7 a. m. until 11 p. m., and he insisted that he felt less tired at night after he was through than he did in the morning when he started. Previously, although he had done more work than any other man in the office, it always tired him very much. He also noticed an im provement in his temper. Having been so long in the office, and knowing so much more about the business than his fellow employees, he was frequently appealed to for advice. These interruptions, before his sight be came normal, were very annoying to him and often caused him to lose his temper. Afterward, however, they caused him no irritation whatever.
In another case, symptoms of insanity were relieved when the vision became normal. The patient was a physician who had been seen by many nerve and eye specialists before he came to me, and who consulted me at last, not because he had any faith in my methods, but because nothing else seemed to be left for him to do. He brought with him quite a collection of glasses pre scribed by different men, no two of them being alike. He had worn glasses, he told me, for many months at a time without benefit, and then he had left them off and had been apparently no worse. Outdoor life had also failed to help him. On the advice of some prominent neurologists he had even given up his practice for a couple of years to spend the time upon a ranch, but the vacation had done him no good.
I examined his eyes and found no organic defects and