The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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no error of refraction. Yet his vision with each eye was only three-fourths of the normal and he suffered from double vision and all sorts of unpleasant symptoms. He used to see people standing on their heads and little devils dancing on the tops of the high buildings. He also had other illusions too numerous to be mentioned here. At night his sight was so bad that he had difficulty in finding his way about, and when walking along a country road he believed that he saw better when he turned his eyes far to one side and viewed the road with the side of the retina instead of with the center. At variable in tervals, without warning and without loss of conscious ness, he had attacks of blindness. These caused him great uneasiness, for he was a surgeon with a large and lucrative practice and he feared that he might have an attack while operating.
His memory was very poor. He could not remember the color of the eyes of any member of his family, al though he had seen them all daily for years. Neither could he recall the color of his house, the number of rooms on the different floors or other details. The faces and names of patients and friends he recalled with diffi culty or not at all.
His treatment proved to be very difficult, chiefly be cause he had an infinite number of erroneous ideas about physiological optics in general and his own case in par ticular, and insisted that all these should be discussed; while these discussions were going on he received no benefit. Every day for hours at a time over a long period he talked and argued. His logic was wonderful, appa rently unanswerable, and yet utterly wrong.
His eccentric fixation was of such high degree that when he looked at a point forty-five degrees to one side