The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
Without Glasses - online book

The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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T HE Great War is over and among the millions of brave men who laid down their lives in the cruel conflict there were some who thought that they were doing so that wars might be no more. But the earth is still filled with wars and rumors of war, and in the countries of the victorious Allies the spirit of mili tarism is rampant. In the United States we are being urged to increase naval and military expenditure, and there is a strong demand for universal military training. Whether it is necessary for us to join in the competition of armaments which resulted in the terrific convulsion through which we have just passed is a question which need not be entered into here; but if we are going to do so, we may as well have soldiers and sailors with normal sight; and if we attain this end we shall not have borne the burdens of militarism and navalism altogether in vain.
After the United States entered the recent war I had the privilege of making it possible for many young men who had been unable to meet the visual requirements for admission to the army and navy, or to favorite branches of these services, to gain normal vision; and seeing no reason why such benefits should be confined to the few, I supplied the Surgeon General of the Army with a plan whereby, with far less trouble and expense than was involved by the optical service upon which