The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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286 Normal Sight for Soldiers and Sailors
system of eye education beginning in the kindergarten and extending through the whole educational process up to the university and the professional school, it would soon be found that the young men of the country, on arrival at the military age, were practically free from eye defects.
But some years must elapse before this happy result can be achieved; and all eyes, moreover, no matter how good their vision, are benefited by the daily practice of the art of seeing, while by such practice those visual lapses to which every eye is subject, and which are par ticularly dangerous in military and naval operations, are either prevented or minimized. Therefore a system of eye education for training camps and the front should also be provided. For this purpose the method used in the schools could be modified.
Under conditions of actual warfare, or on the parade grounds of training camps, a Snellen test card might be impracticable, but there are other letters, or small ob jects, on the uniforms, on the guns, on the wagons, or elsewhere, which would serve the purpose equally well.
Letters or objects which require a vision of 20/20 should be selected by some one who has been taught what 20/20 means, and the men should be required to regard these letters or objects twice a day. After reading the letters they should be directed to cover their closed eyes with the palms of their hands to shut out all the light, and remember some color, preferably black, as well as they are able to see it, for half a minute. Then they should read the letters again and note any improvement in vision. The whole procedure would not take more than a minute. It should be made part of the regular drill, night and morning, and men with imperfect sight