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No Soldier Should Wear Glasses 287
should be encouraged to repeat it as many times a day as convenient. They will need no urging: for imperfect vision is a bar to advancement and excludes from the favorite branch of the service, namely, aviation.
In each regiment every ten men should be under the supervision of one man who understands the method, and who must possess normal vision without glasses. He should carry a pocket test card, consisting of a few of the smaller letters, and should test the vision of the men at the beginning of the training, and thereafter at intervals of three months, reporting the results to the medical officer in charge.
Since errors of refraction are curable, no soldier should be allowed to wear glasses; but if the use of these aids to vision is permitted, the men wearing them should not be required to take part in the eye drills, as the method will do them no good under these conditions. When they see the benefits of eye education, however, they may wish to share them and will, no doubt, be willing to submit to the inconvenience resulting, temporarily, from going without their glasses.
In military colleges the same method could be used as in the schools; but a daily eye drill should also form part of the maneuvers on the parade ground, so that the students may be prepared to use it later in training camps or at the front.
To aviators, whether engaged in military or civilian operations, or whether they are flying merely for pleas ure, eye education is of particular importance. Accidents to aviators, otherwise unaccountable, are easily explained when one understands how dependent the aviator is upon his eyesight, and how easily perfect vision may be lost amid the unaccustomed surroundings, the dangers and