The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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292                Letters From Patients
the idea has crept into my mind that after every trip my eyes are stronger. This, I think, is due to the rapid changing of focus in viewing scenery going by so fast. Other men have tried this plan on my advice, but gave it up after two or three days. Yet, from what they say, I believe they were not so uncomfortable as I was for a week or ten days. I believe most people wear glasses because they 'coddle' their eyes."
The patient was right in thinking that the motor and tram rides improved his sight. The rapid motion com pelled rapid shifting.
It has frequently been pointed out in this book that imperfect vision is always associated with an abnormal state of the mind, and that when the vision improves the mental faculties improve also, to a greater or lesser degree. The following letter is a striking illustration of this fact. The writer, a teacher forty years of age, was first treated on March 28, 1919. She was wearing the following glasses: right eye, convex 0.75D.S. with con vex 4.00D.C, 105 deg.; left eye, convex 0.75D.S. with convex 3.50D.C, 105 deg. On June 9, 1919, she wrote:
"I will tell you about my eyes, but first let me tell you other things. You were the first to unfold your theories to me, and I found them good immediately-that is, I was favorably impressed from the start. I did not take up the cure because other people recommended it, but because I was convinced: first, that you believed in your discovery yourself; second, that your theory of the cause of eye trouble was true. I don't know how I knew these two things, but I did. After a little conversation with you, you and your discovery both seemed to me to bear