The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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myopia was impossible I knew that it was not, and I re solved never to give up the search for a cure until I found it. Shortly after I had the good fortune to hear of Dr. Bates, and lost no time in going to see him. At the first visit I was able, just by closing and resting my eyes, to improve my sight considerably for the Snellen test card, and after a few months of intermittent treatment I be came able to read 20/10-in flashes. I am still improv ing, and when I can see a little better I mean to go back to that optician and tell him what I think of his ophthal-mological learning."
Reading fine print is commonly supposed to be an ex tremely dangerous practice, and reading print of any kind upon a moving vehicle is thought to be even worse. Looking away to the distance, however, and not seeing anything in particular is believed to be very beneficial to the eyes. In the light of these superstitions, the facts contained in the following letter are particularly inter esting :
"On reaching home Monday morning I was surprised and pleased at the comments of my family regarding the appearance of my eyes. They all thought they looked so much brighter and rested, and that after two days of railroading. I didn't spare my eyes in the least on the way home. I read magazines and newspapers, looked at the scenery; in fact, used my eyes all the time. My sight for the near-point is splendid. Can read for hours without tiring my eyes. ... I went downtown to day and my eyes were very tired when I got home. The fine print on the card [diamond type] helps me so.. . . I would like to have your little Bible [a photographic re-