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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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302               Letters From Patients
duction of the Bible with type much smaller than dia mond]. I'm sure the very fine print has a soothing effect on one's eyes, regardless of what my previous ideas on the subject were."
It will be observed that the eyes of this patient were not tired by her two days' railroad journey, during which she read constantly; they were not tired by hours of reading after her return; they were rested by reading ex tremely fine print; but they were very much tired by a trip downtown during which they were not called upon to focus upon small objects. Later a leaf from the Bible was sent to her, and she wrote:
"The effect even of the first effort to read it was won derful. If you will believe it, I haven't been troubled having my eyes feel 'crossed' since, and while my actual vision does not seem to be any better, my eyes feel a great deal better."
I am constantly hearing of patients who have been able to improve their sight by the aid of information con tained in my publications, without personal assistance. The writer of the following letter, a physician, is a re markable example of these cases, as he was able not only to cure himself, but to relieve some very serious cases of defective vision among his patients.
"I first tried central fixation on myself and had mar velous results. I threw away my glasses and can now see better than I have ever done. I read very fine type (smaller than newspaper type) at a distance of six inches from the eyes, and can run it out at full arm's length and still read it without blurring the type.
"I have instructed some of my patients in you?