New Bearings in Esthetics and Art Criticism

A Study in Semantics and Evaluation

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"The notion that valuations do not exist in empirical fact and that therefore value-conceptions have to be imported from a source outside experience is one of the most curious beliefs the mind of man has ever entertained'" (John Dewey, Theory of Valuation).
" 'They could not accept the complete relativity of everything to human nature and the impossibility of talking at all about things in themselves. It's curious how difficult it is to root out that mediaeval habit of thinking of "substances" of things existing apart from all relations, and yet really they have no possible meanings'" (Roger Fry, quoted by Virginia Woolf, Roger Fry).
"It will thus be seen that I desire to avoid dogmatising even in opposing dogmatism. It is of extreme importance to recognise not merely the relativity of taste, but what one may call its absoluteness in reference to a particular individual at a particular time. The taste, as taste, is a very real thing in everybody. . . . We shall trust ourselves, as we trust our own eyes and ears: while on the other hand, unless we wish to reduce our whole social life to chaos, we shall be willing to allow others to trust themselves" (E. E. Kellett, Fashion in Literature),