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Acknowledgments t
My first acknowledgment must be to the students who, during the last two decades, have entered into a teaching-learning experience with me. I wish I could name them all, for they have been my friends and co-workers. Also in this connection I must acknowledge my indebtedness to my deans and associates at University College of The University of Chicago, where every effort was made to facilitate learning by doing. Perhaps nowhere else in the world would an inquiring instructor be given the opportunity to experiment and to observe year after year without any pressureexcept that of support.
The writing of this book is a kind of personal summation, as of this date, and with the full realization that my personal limitations effect a boundary. I have ventured to analyze and to evaluate certain great works, and the boundary has pressed upon me. For this reason, I am even more deeply indebted to those who have helped me. When I approached the section on Korzybski, I did so with an awareness of how little I knew. I should not have wished to publish these pages without the careful editorial help of my friend M. Kendig, formerly Secretary and Educational Director of the Institute, and, since the death of Korzybski, Director of the Institute of General Semantics. The hours she spent on the manuscript are a gift to the many students