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This uniqueness is so integral a part of the language system and the nervous systemthat it expresses itself on the nonverbal level every time we use words.
What Murphy is saying here is that the language system and the nervous system are as one, and that the character of the self is expressed through bodily as well as verbal behavior. Something comes through the eyes, the voice, the gestures, the manner that carries an increment of meaning over and beyond the words.
As we recognize an unseen speaker by his voice over the telephone or the radioamong all the voices we have ever heardso do we become aware of this uniqueness which makes its imprint on the user of words. The little explored area of nonverbal communication is important for the added information it can give us concerning the communication process.
These, then, are the forms of communication that will interest the student of semantics:
All aspects of verbal communicationwriting, reading, speaking, and listeningmake use of the same basic tech-