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A Primer Of Semantics

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combinations of things already known that give rise to "new" ideas.
Morris says that as our ideas advance, our ideals change. An ideal differs from an idea in that it is not merely signified (thought or expressed in words), but is valued, is wanted, is sought after. Thus an ideal looks to the future and makes demands upon the self toward fulfillment.
When the moon is reached by man, this ideal will have become a reality. "What next? Something will be superimposed upon what is learned by the attainment of that ideal. Men will think. And, again, this will call for the use of words. If, then, a new ideal is born, words will be used to inform others and persuade others and activate others to the new cause.
An idea is something signified. Ideas are dependent upon language. New ideas are hard to come by, but they result from a kind of clairvoyance that "sees" new relationships between things already known.
As knowledge advances, as works are achieved, ideals must advance. And these, in turn, will call for new ideas. The process is circularand without limit.
Words thought, said, and written pave the way.
12. The organization of this Primer
This book is, of course, a collection of words. But any collection of words that is designed to accomplish a purpose should make a verbal patternand one that is discernible by a recipient. This book may be described as a means to end verbal pattern that anticipates an actual pattern. But an end is something valuedsomething sought after