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OGDEN AND RICHARDS                          49
There is no base in this "triangle,"
There is no direct relation between words and things.
Consider yourself at the peak of that "triangle." As you use the word "chair," if your thoughts and mine are directed to the same object out there in the world, then you and I come togetherwe communicate through the use of the word "chair." We "understand" each other.
All three aspects of meaningwords, thoughts, and things are the essential components of every communication process.
Not one of these three aspects may be ignored in the science of symbolism.
16. "Verbomania"
Ogden and Richards are derisive of people who give their attention to words apart from thoughts and things. They invented the word "verbomania" to describe such "verbali-zers."
Everyone is quick to recognize the usefulness of spoken words in the achievement of purpose. This is so obvious that there is hardly a person who would not, if he could, improve his use of spoken words. And this is good. But attention to words for their own sake has created verbalizers of various sorts.
There is the verbalizer who wants to "speak well" about everything and anything. No one can speak well about everything and anything. There are innumerable topics on which everyone must remain silentand receptive. Indeed, this is a sign of intelligence.
I am remembering now an incident that occurred in my