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KORZYBSKI                                      8g
define it differently.) I use the term to refer to the study of wordshow to use them (and how not to misuse them) to accomplish a foreseen goal. Korzybski's objective is much more broad. He uses the term "General Semantics" to represent a new approach to the study of man in his unique human language function. He also uses the term to represent a method. This method uses principles abstracted from the exact sciences to promote "sanity"the sanity of the individual and the sanity of society as a whole. This, of course, explains his title Science and Sanity. "Science** as means; "sanity" the end.
We proceed now to the semantic devices which will assist the communicator in changing the structure of the language system to conform with the structure of the objective worlda basic requirement in Korzybski's approach to the study of man.
23. Date everything to show process
The semantic device of dating words, facts, and opinions stems from the basic assumption of modem science that all nature is process and that there is, therefore, constant change. "Transformation" is the word Korzybski uses, and it is an important word as we shall see later.
The user of words is engaged in a communication process. Change with the passing of time is one aspect of nature which the communicator cannot ignore. When we date something, we indicate by that date that process changetransformationtakes place continuously:
, John Jones1950 is not John Jones1957, etc.