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KORZYBSKI                                      1
the verbal pattern, but he does indicate its logical requi ments. And from this we shall move forward.
31. Korzybski's conception of the human being
As in everything else, Korzybski's conception of the hum, being derives from the basic assumptions of proce uniqueness, relatedness, and order. We may sum up tl conception by his most inclusive hyphenated statement connection with the human being.
Every individual is a unique organism-as-a-whole-xn-an-c vironment.
This statement may be divided into three parts:
i. Every individual is unique.
The uniqueness of the individual has long been accept* as a matter of fact. One more point needs, however, to 1 made here to complete Korzybski's conception of uniqu ness. The individual is not only different from every oth human being in the world, he is also unique at every pa ing moment of his life. He is never twice exactly the sair And this, we shall find, has relevance to the field theory communication presented in Part Five.
25. Every individual is a unique organism-as-a-whole.
The whole organism is active in human behavior, there is one word that describes the organism-as-a-whol that word is "integration/f The self acts and reacts as unit.
3. Every individual is a unique organism-as-a-whole-i an-environment.
When Korzybski makes this statement, he approach