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KORZYBSKI                                    Igl
account of difference, of unknown factors, etc.if he will not order and thus delay his reactions long enough to appraise the situation-as-a-wholehis semantic reactions will be of low caliber. High quality semantic reactions result from controlled behavior in the situation-as-a-whole.
Every individual is a unique organism-as-a-whole-in-an-environment.
Everything is under transformation.
The communicator effects high quality transformation28 by high quality semantic reactions.
Korzybski's Science and Sanity runs more than eight hundred pages. One student whose background in General Semantics was above the average, asked me whether or not Science and Sanity made a verbal pattern, and, if so, what kind of pattern. This question has merit, for, unless we understand the pattern, we cannot know what Korzybski is driving at and how he proposes to reach his goal.
Science and Sanity sets up a means to end (verbal) pattern. Korzybski is saying something like this: If we will use "science" as the basis for semantic devices, etc., these semantic devices will be the means by which to move toward sanitythe desired end. He proceeds, then, to indicate his basic assumptions (as derived from science1033); thence to his semantic devices, which, he believes, are the means by which to accomplish the hoped-for endsanity for the individual and for society as a whole.
It must be conceded that the semantic devices which
Korzybski brings together tend to introduce process,
28 See exposition of cross organization in Sections 41 and 44 below.