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132                     THE HUMANITY OF WORDS
uniqueness, relatedness, and order into the language system. And, since the language system and the nervous system are as one, it follows that if we misuse the language system, we abuse the nervous system. To put this positively, if the language system conforms with the nervous system, and if boththe neurolinguistic systemconform with the world in which we live, our behavior is likely to have a high degree of survival value. And this should, it seems, promote sanity.
Thus Science and Sanity looks to the future; "science" as means; "sanity/* the end.
Again, I have used symbols. And I have used symbols to talk about other symbolsthose to be found in Science and Sanity. Symbols about symbols are not so reliable as the original symbols from which they are abstracted, as Korzybski points out again and again. If you will go to Science and Sanity, you will find there many things I have been unable to touch in these brief pages. And you will, also, be able to appraise my interpretations of what Alfred Korzybski wrote.