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33, The basic terms of Charles Morris
The term "symbolism" is associated with the theories of Ogden and Richards. The term "General Semantics" is associated with the "science of man" of Alfred Korzybski. The term that is associated with the "science of signs" of Charles Morris is "serniotic"
In Foundations of the Theory of Signs (1938), Morris established his fundamental terminology; and, although he extended his terminology and expanded his theories in SignSy Language and Behavior (1946), he held to the key terms presented in Foundations.
Morris defines the wTord "semiotic" succinctly and without amplification as the science of signs. But, before we examine the term "semiotic"the highest order abstraction in Morris's science of signsit will be necessary to dispose of the word "signs" itself.
A sign Is a substitute for something else. The sign, therefore, requires interpretation. This is the essential definition of the word "sign."
If I look at a red tomato, this is a sign, for me, that the tomato is lipe. The doorbell rings; the siren screeches; the dog growls; I see black marks on a page; I hear the church bells chime; I look at the clouds; I see a raised eyebrow; a surreptitious glance at a wrist watch; the friendly look of a passing stranger. All these are signs which I shall