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MORRIS                                    153
of chain stores. And every statement you can possibly make about this subject will find a place under these formators.
The arrangement of the formators The disadvantages and the advantages of chain stores could be signified as Si and S2.
There is another arrangement of formators that is signified by Morris as Si or S2. Books may be written with this arrangement of formators as the basis for order. Let's take twTo of the various hypotheses concerning the origin of the solar system and use Morris's formal arrangement Si or S2 as the basis of verbal formators:
The nebular theory or the planetesirnal theory
Everything that can be said about these two hypotheses will find a place under these formators. These two theories must be kept entirely separate. If one of the two theories is accepted, the other cannot be accepted. If one denotes, the other cannot denote. Part One of the book may, therefore, be given over entirely to the nebular theory; Part Two, to the planetesimal theory. The formators establish the arrangement. And if the signs do, indeed, become formators (creators of form) to the recipient, he will know that one or the other theory may be true, but not both.z*
It is important to point out, as Morris does, that formative signs may be in the informative use, the valuative use, and/or the incitive use-In the example given above, the formators are in the informative use and the mode of signifying is designative. But, if the user of signs desires to elicit an attitude response, he would set up his formators In this way: Merits of the nebular theory or merits of the planetesimal theory. In
35 We shall pursue these and other arrangements of formators in detail in Section 43 below.