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MORRIS                                    167
would do it. And willing means that we listen to our own prescriptors.
Incitive signs are directive signs for others as well as for ourselves:
Bring the weapons of mass destruction under control!
Define new relationships among the nations!
Make these new relationships work under enforceable law!
Men must do these things, if mankind will survive. Incitive signs must lead the wTay.
We cannot neglect our incitive signs.
4. The systemig use
The language of order is essential to the organization of the self as a self. Here we have a composite of information and beliefsa fusion of ideas and ideals. Unless the human being has a conscious awareness of the nature of the organization of his inner experience, he has no way of "getting at" himself. He has no way of appraising his behavior. Self-understanding is an understanding of the organization of the self. How do I hang together? The answer to this question would seem to be a first approach to the question What am If
Unless we use systemic language intelligently, we have no way of finding order, or disorder, in the world in which we live. When we recognize order, we use formators.
But most important of all, the systemic use of language makes it possible for man to cross overas one aspect of the field in which he existsand to exert his human potential to make form and to remake form in the interest of himself and others.
Cross organization between the self and the relevant environment is possible only as we know order. And cross