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40. Introductory
Everything in the preceding pages is introductory to Part Five. The basic assumptions of field theory of communication derive from the physical and biological sciences. The Meaning of Meaning and Science and Sanity anticipate, The Open Self and Signs, Language and Behavior facilitate field theory of communication.
You will find the thesis of this book in Part Five. And you will find that the book's verbal pattern falls into the form of a means to end hypothesis. The Primer of Semantics moves toward the goal of the humanity of words.
As you read the following Sections, you should find the answers to these questions:
Why should we have a field theory of communication?
How is field theory of communication different from other theories?
How can field theory of communication help us in the accomplishment of our purposes in our everyday lives?
As was indicated in Part One, the term "communication" has broader significance than the area covered in this book. We have delimited its scope by confining our interest to verbal and nonverbal communication in goal-seeking behavior. We have been concerned with reading, with writing, with speaking, and with listening. And we are