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172                  THE HUMANITY OF WORDS
concerned now, most especially, with thinkingupon which everything else rests.
41. The personality in a field
The human being may be studied with profit on three levels of complexity, as Gardner Murphy points out:
(1) As a physical object
(2) As a unified self inside the skin
(3) As a unified self in cross organization with the environment
All three levels have significance for field theory of communication, but it is the third and highest level of complexity which has particular relevance to the communication process1958.
(1) The human being as a physical object Statistical facts in connection with the human being as a physical object are, of course, important. His age, his height, his weight, his "race," etc., are relevant here. How the communicator presents himselfas an objectmakes a difference. The president of one of the largest industrial organizations in America made this statement from a public platform: "When a man opens the door and enters my office, something happens between us that is hard to undo." There are many indeterminants that enter into the impact of one individual upon others. The physical self is highly expressive of the unique personality as a wholeand this on the nonverbal level. Field theory of communication places great emphasis on the expressiveness of and receptivity to nonverbal signs. Indeed, this is one of the characteristics of field theory.