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Goal-seeking behavior is selective behavior, and it is purpose that unifies the abstracting process.
But our concern goes beyond the organization of the inner self as effected by the purposive abstractive process of the nervous system. And our concern goes beyond the recognition of organization in the actual world. It is the cross organization of the organized individual and the organized (desirable or undesirable) environment that characterizes field theory of personality and field theory of communication. The concept of cross organization is one upon which field theory of communication hinges. This is a dynamic concept, and yet one that describes organization. Cross organization connects two organized yet dynamic polesthat of the inner self and that of the relevant environment. This is a crossing over of
one organized process
andtogetherthe field as a whole is organized. This means that there is both process and organization in the field as a whole. To say this another way, there is continuous organization of the situation-as-a-whole, but the organization of the situation-as-a-whole changes with every moment in time. Cross organization is, in the language of field theory of communication, structured change. And it is this structured change that the communicator must attempt