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l80                THE HUMANITY OF WORDS
because given shallow water-diving, danger is determined. A psychological linkage is a determinative context that establishes a relationship. Such a determinative context is "an instrument of order." As such, it is a concept. And a concept characterizes thinking. But the important point to recall here is that when a psychological linkage hangs together in precisely the way an external linkage hangs together, we have a true reference and a logical reference. This statement conforms exactly with Korzybski's map-territory analogy. It remained, however, for Morris to provide the semantic apparatus by which to analyze and to evaluate the structure of our thinking, and to move creatively toward experimentation in the making of new sign compounds.
To think is to make a verbal pattern consciously. To make a verbal pattern consciously is to think.
And now that the relationship between thinking and verbal patterns has been established, let us proceed directly to the nature of verbal patterns themselvesand how they are made.
43, A verbal pattern is an arrangement of formators
As I use the term, "formator" may be defined as a class worda high order generalizationwhich establishes form in a written or oral statement. How formators are arranged to make a verbal pattern is the subject of this Section.
The arrangement of formators into a verbal pattern starts with the determination of a working-title. The working-title is composed of the most general formators required to summarize the content of any communicationwritten or spoken. Look, for example, at this working-title: