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l86                THE HUMANITY OF WORDS
of organization which best suits his subject matter and his purpose, as will be indicated below.
Field theory of communication also requires the determination of the principle of organization that binds the formators together,
A. Time pattern
A few years ago, I conducted an experiment at Wells High School of the City of Chicago to determine whether or not the NBmakingNB of verbal patterns could facilitate the teaching-learning process. This is what happened the first morning. I faced a group of thirty young people about the age of sixteen. They did not know me. Without explaining my objectives or the plan, I talked to them, as in conversation. I said Just so we will know each other better, would you tell me something about your Christmas holiday, yourself, your plans for the futureanything. Let's just talk this morning. One girl rose to her feet. I asked her to step to the front of the room so that everyone could see her. She did. And this is what she said:
I started taking dancing lessons when I was four years old. When I was in grammar school, I was on every holiday program. And now that I am in high school, I dance whenever we have a musicale. I love to dance. This Christmas holiday, I was offered a professional jobat a night club. This is something I had dreamed about all my life, so I talked it over with my parents and they agreed that it would be fine experience for me. So I took the job ... I didn't like it. I didn't like the late hours and I didn't like the smoke and I didn't like the drinking and I didn't like the people. I have decided now that I don't want to be a professional dancer. I have decided that I