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The time sequence is cohesive because the formators "hang together" in time. Cohesive formators thus contribute to the unity of the verbal pattern. Unity of pattern enables the communicator to transmit pattern (and, thus, idea) and assists the recipient in the reception of pattern (and, hence, idea).
The time sequence is, also, progressive because time formators exhibit the characteristic of "continuing by successive steps"of "moving forward and onward"to use the definitive language of World. Progressive formators move toward the completion of the pattern. Such movement enables the communicator to maintain direction toward a predetermined goal and invites the recipient to participate in the movement toward that goal.
The time sequence is both cohesive and progressive. It establishes the unity of the pattern as a whole and indicates the movement and direction needed to complete the verbal pattern.
B. Space pattern
When Pamie saw her garden with three rowsonions, radishes, and tomatoes; in a particular place between two homes; and with a wire fence around the rowsshe was making a space pattern.
The description of the house used in the Ogden and Richards context provides another example of a space pattern. This could be set up as a floor plan. And the structure of the verbal account could, and undoubtedly would, be in conformity with that of the drawn lines.
In the case of the time-and-motion expert, his attention is focused on the relationship of the worker to the thing. Layout is of the utmost importance. The efficiency expert will draw a diagram of an improved layout. He will then