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196                  THE HUMANITY OF WORDS
The analogical sectional pattern is especially important because when we find similarities between two things, two operations, two relations, etc., we may extend our knowledge of either or both by assuming that similarity goes beyond what is already established. John M. Shlien of the Counseling Center of The University of Chicago speculated as follows, for example: Physical ill health is sometimes contagious; perhaps psychological health may be contagious.39 This is analogical thinking. Here we have similarity of relationship but difference of elements. Here the mechanism of transmission from person to person is considered in respect to another set of phenomena. The analogical sectional pattern is:
Working-title: Physical transmission from person to person; possible psychological transmission from person to person
39 John M. Shlien "A Criterion of Psychological Health" Group Psychotherapy, IX, No. 2, August, 1956.