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. Physical transmission from person to person
How? (Through physical contact) i. Possible psychological transmission from person to person
How? (Through psychological contact)
Ihlien's assumption is, of course, a verbal invention, set up a "construct"a speculative "model" it may be Led, in this connectionwhich he used as the basis for estigative operations.
i. linguistic experiment in analogical thinking may also used as the basis for deduction, with the further pur-e of putting the deduced consequences of the assump-is to operational tests. The mathematical biologist Ana-Rapoport cites one famous example in his Operational losophy (1953). The philosopher-physicist de Broglie culated as follows: "If wave phenomena exhibit char-eristics of particles in some aspects, can it be that pares exhibit wave characteristics too?" (page 2,2,0) The meed consequences of this experiment in sign com-mds (to use the language of Morris) were put to pirical tests. And the answer proved to be Yes. The bal experiment led to actual experiments that led, in a, to increased knowledge.
Lichards points out, in his paper on "Communication ween Men: The Meaning of Language," two great logies in the history of civilization. The first is the tonic analogy between the State and man; the second he analogy which Norbert Wiener and his associates now exploring between the machine and man. In logies, Richards says, the traffic is two-way. Each area fits by attention to the other. Because of the fertility