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formators that make up the working-title. Again, determine the principle of organization which binds the subordinate formators together, thus to make a minor whole.
If this sounds like a formidable task, let me assure you that an author is usually your ally. He is likely to make every effort to transmit the structure of his thinking. This is the case, for example, in an article by Carl R. Rogers, Professor of Psychology and Executive Secretary of the Counseling Center of the University of Chicago, which appeared in the Northwestern University publication, Communications in Today's World. The literary title is: "Communication: It's Blocking and its Facilitation." No one could ask for a more exact working-title. But Rogers does even more for his reader. After a first introductory paragraph, Rogers indicates what he intends to cover and the order in which he will handle his points. The major structure is, therefore, provided. The reader is required, however, to find the supportive formators. Here is the pattern as a whole:
Working-title: Communication: its blocking and its facilitation
1.  Blocking
a)   Theory
b)   Practice
(1) Person to person (2) Small groups
2.  Facilitation
a)   Theory
b)   Practice
(1)  Person to person
(2)  Small groups