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2l6                  THE HUMANITY OF WORDS
beginner, the separation of these two operations is insurance against premature judgment.
The transition from the reading of periodical literature to the reading of books is made without effort, for the reading of a book presents no additional problems and requires no additional skills. The literary title of a book may or may not be a clue to the verbal pattern, but the table of contents should be, and usually is, the key to the organization of the book. Every chapter becomes a unity within itself with its controlling formators and its supportive minor formators. But the book as a whole has its own unity, its own pattern as derived from its own working-title. The working-title will circumscribe the scope of the written work and will indicate, thus, what the book is about. And, since the formators of the working-title are in designative, appraisive, and/or prescriptive modes of signifying, the working-title will, also, be a clue as to the purpose(s) of the author.
To think is to discover relations. To read is to penetrate to the structureto the relations between formatorsof a written work. To read is to thinkwith an author,
46. Field theory applied to writing
The special significance of field theory to writing derives from our definition of communication as cross organization, by means of words, between a communicator and recipient(s). To put this into other words, if we think of communication as the transmission of ideas and ideals as formas verbal patterncertain corollaries in respect to writing follow.