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226                  THE HUMANITY OF WORDS
knowing how he will end them, for he thinks as he speaks. He pauses normally in a transitional pointbetween the parts of the patternfor he, himself, must "get ready'' for what is to follow. His timing would, therefore, be a means of transmitting pattern. His timing would be that of spontaneous thought which would carry his listeners along in his thinking process. His words may, at times, come haltingly, but only because he thinks as he speaks. And this hesitation is the strongest bid for group response. There is no hint of monotony, for this is a performance that has all the ingredients of life.
In the face-to-face situation, the speaking-listening transaction is circularand never linearwhether two or hundreds participate.
Effective speaking (speaking that effects the desired purpose) stems from the use of a verbal pattern by which to feedforward and to exercise corrective feedback.
Effective listening (listening that promotes understanding and proper evaluation) depends, first upon the discovery of the verbal pattern of the other, and only then upon the appraisal of the verbal pattern of another.
Every communication process is transacted by the use of a verbal pattern.                                                              _
48. Field theory of communicationa method for
The subject matter of this primer of semantics is concerned with the use of words in goal-seeking behavior. Since goal-seeking activity is addressed to the future, it is an adventure in becoming. I call goal-seeking an adventure because it demands the acceptance of risk-taking and the willingness