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to stretch the self beyond what it is toward what it would become.
For me, goal-seeking behavior starts with a self-love that is a kind of self-appreciationthe will to enhance the self in every human way. The self is an imperfect unity. If the purpose of the human organism is, indeed, the drive toward "a more perfect organization," it is our unique human characteristic to be able to investigate and to appraise and to participate in that self-organization. Field theory of communication provides the means. And when the field becomes perceptible as part of the self, the line of demarcation between the self and other selves become "vague or non-existent." If this is so, it is fitting to close this book with a quotation from Kurt Lewin, that great researcher in field theory of psychology, who wrote as early as 1936 in his Principles of Topological Psychology: "From the point of view of dynamics the life space of each single individual is a totality which is equivalent to the totality of the whole physical world." (page 68) Worldwide channels of communication are already available. It remains now only for man to speak for mankind.